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In May 2013, the use of the Internet to facilitate sex trafficking came to the fore again with the case in the Philippines in which three girls were rescued from a ring forcing them to perform live sex shows via the Internet for customers.

Often the customers-- mostly Americans and Europeans--paid /minute for the girls to perform live sexual acts (web-cam sex) based on the customers’ typed requests transmitted via computers (de Leon 2013).

Questions that will be answered in this project are the following: How can we redefine cyber-sex trafficking in order to make it a crime “worthy” of being investigated? 2730 “Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Human Trafficking Act of 2011” and H. The Internet guarantees safety to traffickers and buyers because it is borderless, as already stated, and individuals can presume many identities.

Law enforcement is often concerned with traditional crimes and might not have the resources necessary to investigate and prosecute the crime. In order to defeat them, technological innovations need to advance in law enforcement’s favor.

Trauma Effects on Children-Boys Can be Victims Too- Eliminating Gender Bias Viewing pornography and child abuse imagery by youth affects their future relationships and their development What to do When the Perpetrator is the Child’s Parent and the Buyer is a Teenager?

Conclusion Bibliography In the year 2014, human trafficking is still prevalent.

These women may have been coerced into these actions using financial incentives or threats.

Cyber -Sex-Trafficking: As Harmful as “Traditional” Sex Trafficking Type of Services to be Given Child Sex-Trafficking Victims and Potential Victims How Can the U. Limit Access to Pornographic and Sexually Explicit Material of Children without Violating the Right of Free Speech?

How Can Civil Society Be More Involved in Reducing this Crime?

In addition, deception, fraud, force, and coercion are often used to recruit victims (UNODC 2000, Article 3(a)) although that should not be the main factor when investigating and prosecuting these crimes; for children proof of the threat or use of force or coercion is not required.

Already a hidden crime due to the difficulty of identifying the traffickers and victims, the advances in internet technology have offered traffickers a new mechanism to escape detection from law enforcement.

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