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When we see a person in the street we automatically rate that person's attractiveness, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

The matching hypothesis is a popular psychological theory proposed by Walster et al.

Zuckerman et al (1995) reported that the more attractive a person seemed to be, the more positive was another's overall impression of that person.

Symons (1979) showed that a woman's physical health, age, and uniqueness are attractive to men whereas a man's status, height, skills, and abilities are attractive to women.

To overcome this problem, I would only use large photographs, around 5x5cm for future investigation.

I would also use more photos, to make it a more specific test and also to make my results more significant to this area of psychology.

(Appendix) Before participating, people will be given a sheet of paper that briefs them about what kind of investigation they are partaking in, below is what it will say: Briefing: "You are now about to participate in a psychological study, you have the right to withdraw at any time during this investigation.

A type one error being when the null hypothesis is rejected even if it is true, and the probability of making an error like it is equal to the level of significance- 5%.

I would use approximately 10 photos, as it would give an easy average to work with.

Even though, the photographs were not as good as they should have been, there might have been a more major reason for my results.

A type two error is when a null hypothesis is reserved when it is actually wrong.

Statistical summary: The critical value of rs is 0.9 the critical value of rs for a directional hypothesis at the 5% significant level where n= 5, my value from the spearman's rank was 1.0. Conclusion Limitations and modifications The photographs I used were not as good as they should have been for this particular investigation of attraction because they were black and white and also not good quality photos.

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