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Git and github, you gotta love them for managing and contributing to (FLOSS) projects.

When you would push all of this to your github feature branch, those changes will get reflected on the original pull request, which will get very, very ugly.

If you want to take advantage of the Git Hub integration with the IDE, read on for more information.

Note A working knowledge of Git and Git Hub is assumed in this guide.

This will allow Smart Things developers to integrate their forked Smart Things Public repository with the IDE, including the ability to make commits to the forked repository using the IDE.

If you just want to browse the source in Git Hub, you can do that using the tools you are most comfortable with.

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Fork the project to your personal Github account, clone your fork locally, create a feature branch, make some patch, commit, push back to your personal Github account, and issue a pull request from your feature branch to the upstream (master) branch.

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