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Okay, followed all the steps, hit launch, the mod manager shrinks down like it's merging and going to load the game..nothing happens. The path is set up to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda which is the application file. Task manager confirms this, the Frosty Mod Manager is up but the game does not launch and gives no error. Edit to add: I deleted the Mod data file, and it fixed it. the game keeps getting stuck as a background process, every time i uncheck the read only tick for the MEA folder it rechecks it self,am runining as admministrator both frosty and MEA... is there a way to force the game to launch from the background process or something... if u want the designer of the mod manager to help, maybe join the discord channel and report the issue there, as he (or I) can't keep track of problems everywhere.That file will launch the vanilla game when I double click it. any way bored of the game and would like to enrich it with mods for the second playthrough and just not getting a launch is so frustrating.... Plus the troubleshooting channel there has a tonne of different suggestions for u to try for the above issue.I think when I first unpacked it (with 7zip) I unpacked the files directly instead of extracting them into their own folder.

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Any help appreciated at this point, I got used to playing with mods... i tried deleting the moddata folder, none of my files are read only and it still just runs in the backround indefinitely it is a pirated copy. i will buy the game as soon as EA and bioware fix their s***.

until then i just want to mod the game but the process is runnning in the backround now and has been for hours, i tried all the other 'fixes' and none have worked.

Unfortunately the cause of this is unknown, i suspect its an incompatibility with the that mod manager places in the directory, and there is currently no known method to fix.

FWIW, I managed to make it work by deleting the Frosty Mod Manager app's folder and unpacking it again.

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